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The Death Of Robo Advisors

By Jonathan Peyton | Aug 16, 2017

Imagine it is 2007 and your portfolio growth is beginning to slow.  You have no reason to believe your account balances will drop over the coming...

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How Does Your Risk Tolerance Affect Your Portfolio Risk?

By Jonathan Peyton | Aug 09, 2017

Defining risk tolerance can be overwhelming, confusing, and an art rather than a science.  Once a risk tolerance label is assigned the investor...

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What Is Asset Management And Who Would Benefit From It?

By Jonathan Peyton | Aug 04, 2017

Look it up.  Seriously!  Search “What is Asset Management” in the search engine of your choice.  The first ten articles in the search results seem...

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Defining Risk Tolerance: What's Your Number?

By Jonathan Peyton | Aug 02, 2017

For years investors have contemplated how much risk they should take within their portfolios, and whether it is enough to reach their intended...

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Divorce: What To Consider If You Have a Special Needs Child

By Jonathan Peyton | Jul 19, 2017

Divorce is a scary endeavor filled with emotions, memories, and potentially a lot of fighting over how to split years worth of "stuff".  However,...

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Divorce Financial Planning vs Traditional Financial Planning

By Jonathan Peyton | Jul 12, 2017

It’s over.  The process is complete.  You are now divorced.  What do you do next?  Outside of the potential celebration, it is time to get to...

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Are You Aware Of These Divorce Financial Solutions...

By Jonathan Peyton | Jul 07, 2017

At times it may seem that the divorce process is masked in a shroud of mystery.  Anyone who has been through the experience can attest to the fact...

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The Roles Different Divorce Consultants Play In The Divorce Process

By Jonathan Peyton | Jul 05, 2017
Filing for divorce is one of the most gut-wrenching feelings you can experience.  You are taking a huge step forward in your life regardless of... Read More

Phantom Stock: Aligning Key Employee Benefits With Company Goals

By Jonathan Peyton | Jun 28, 2017

There are quite a number of fringe benefits a company can offer their employees, and yet if the company is trying to retain key employees they may...

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Executive Benefits: Tools To Build The Right Compensation Package

By Jonathan Peyton | Jun 23, 2017

Across the landscape of employee benefits, there are many fringe benefits offered to the “rank and file” employee as a way to attract and retain...

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