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Divorce: What To Consider If You Have a Special Needs Child

By Jonathan Peyton | Jul 19, 2017

Divorce is a scary endeavor filled with emotions, memories, and potentially a lot of fighting over how to split years worth of "stuff".  However,...

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Tax Planning for Special Needs Familes

By Jonathan Peyton | Jun 06, 2017
Special Needs Planning involves many layers, one of which is managing the finances of those with special needs.  A guardian of the estate, power... Read More

The 'Special Needs Team' - Who Should Be Included?

By Jonathan Peyton | May 23, 2017

Special Needs planning can be an intense process that requires the coordination of multiple individuals to work together.  In many cases the...

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4 Documents Every Special Needs Child Should Have...

By Jonathan Peyton | May 18, 2017

Innocence is a precious trait.  Found in young children untainted by the world's influence, childhood innocence is a reminder of ambitions, life...

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Press Release

By Jonathan Peyton | Dec 22, 2016


Dream Big. Plan Smart.

Planning for a better future, starts today!

Ashburn, Virginia - December 22, 2016 – Jonathan Peyton,...

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